A Full Line-up of Sharp LEDs
Sharp LEDs from 0.2W up to 50W deliver signature
performance that sets your designs apart.

Sensational Light, Simplified Design

Sharp ZENIGATA multi chip (Chip on Board (COB)) LED technology leverages 40 years of LED expertise to help your products outshine the competition with some of the highest brightness-per-watt in the industry. Our new Mega ZENIGATA 50W – 80W COB LEDs take traditional, high-power lighting applications head on with power-saving LED alternatives.

Sharp’s innovative use of an inert, non-reactive ceramic substrate (versus metal) provides optimal heat dissipation without discoloration. The result is low color shift with consistent lumen output over time. A uniform Light Emitting Surface (LES) makes optical design easier, improves light quality, and allows you to create more elegant products.

The Color of Life

Life happens in full spectrum. Lighting products need to be more than just functional and reliable; they must also accurately illuminate the dazzling colors that shape our world, and make objects, people, and places look their absolute best.

Sharp LEDs bring you some of the richest, most true-to-life color rendering available. All Sharp LEDs meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR® minimum requirement of 80 CRI.

Still, we recognize that CRI measurement alone (R1-R8) is not enough. Click HERE to read more about Sharp’s signature performance up to R15, including superb deep red (R9) rendering.

A World of Variety

Whether you are making the switch to LEDs or are seeking a more premium LED look and feel, consider putting Sharp’s expertise to work in your designs. Now, choose products ranging from 0.2W – 80W:


The larger and most powerful version of Sharp’s multi chip (COB) at 24 x 20 mm with a Light Emitting Surface (LES) of 17mm is targeted at the spot/downlight and luminaire market. The new 50W – 80W Mega ZENIGATA COB LED delivers high brightness and eliminates issues that result from the use of multiple low-power LEDs in a luminaire. Choose from a variety of Mega ZENIGATA products, some boasting light output exceeding 100 lumens per watt.


The more compact version of Sharp’s multi-chip (COB) LEDs at 15 x 12mm with a 10 mm LES is targeted for the down- and spotlight market. Meet Sharp's refreshed line of Mini ZENIGATA COB LEDs. The new generation simplifies lens and reflector design with its circular LES.


The most compact version of Sharp’s multi-chip (COB) LEDs at 12 x 8mm is targeted at the LED retrofit lamp and luminaire market. This new class of COB LEDs ranges from 4W – 5W. They are perfectly suited for applications requiring compact lenses, such as small spot or track lighting fixtures.


Sharp's specialty Pico ZENIGATA product line provides an ideal solution for high-intensity, linear area, and strip lighting – all in a compact, energy-saving package. The Pico ZENIGATA series is available in a 0.2W (1 die), 0.3W (2 die), 0.5W (3 die) or 0.6W (4 die) version. Enjoy the design benefits of the Pico ZENIGATA’s small 2.8 mm x 2.8 mm x 1.9 mm footprint.


With TigerZENI LEDs, Sharp now presents the world’s first single point light source with variable colour temperature on a substrate.