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Consider this page your one-stop resource for information about how to incorporate LEDs into your designs, as well as for supplementary information about Sharp’s four LED product families.

LED Lighting & Press

Read the LED Shortform catalogue and the White paper “LEDs for Lighting Applications: An Overview”, both are informative papers which introduces the reader to the issues and advantages surrounding LED lighting and LED lighting design. Color concepts including CCT and CRI are covered with useful spectral information comparing various light sources. LED-based designs are analyzed from the standpoints of power management, heat management, and dimming. Innovative applications and benefits of LED-based sources conclude these papers.

Media Assets

Following are some additional resources (including high-resolution images) that you might find helpful if you are a member of the media looking to cover Sharp’s new LED lighting families. If you would like more information or wish to schedule an interview with a Sharp Devices spokesperson, please contact our PR representatives:


Sharp LED Images

Product Images

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LED Advertisement Designs

Company Logos

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LED Product Overview & Application Notes

These guides contain our Pico ZENIGATA, Petit ZENIGATA, Mini ZENIGATA ,Mega ZENIGATA and Tiger ZENIGATA product lineup for 2013

Download LED Product Specifications

Here you will find a complete list of Pico ZENIGATA, Mega ZENIGATA, Mini ZENIGATA, ZENIGATA and SAE-Series LED specifications, all in one place, in PDF format.

View LED product specifications